Apr 3, 2012

Battle in Dawg Country - Athens, GA.

The Dalton State Cyling Team went to to Athens, GA this past weekend for the Battle in Dawg Country. The team was represented this weekend by Ethan Zehr, Julian Zehr and Nolan Wehr.

The racing started promptly for Julian early Saturday morning with the "C" circuit race. If there is an award for most aggressive riding it would unquestionably go to Julian who averaged nearly an attack every lap. His attacks shed riders out the back but the strong guys would just not let Julian escape. The field finished in a sprint with Julian picking up a solid 4th.

The "B" circuit race was up next. Ethan Zehr and Nolan Wehr were expecting to ride as a duo but were happily joined by Julian, who after finishing his race upgraded to a "B" rider. The "B" race started fast and stayed fast. Julian and Wehr fought to keep the field in check and chase down any attempts at a breakaway. The hard work paid off as no breakaways were able to keep away. The final lap proved difficult and dangerous. The final turn had a crash in which Julian was slightly involved, cutting off part of another riders helmet with his spokes. Ethan was well ahead of the crash and finished safe.

The Time Trial featured the same box-style course as the circuit race. The 2.5 mile TT was a punishing all out effort for the riders. Julian found a smooth groove in the course and rode a very strong and smart TT placing 2nd. The TT was one of the most competitive of the year with the difference between 2nd and 7th being a mere TWO seconds.

Sunday brought the team to a new course for the final circuit race. The team worked well together and despite it's small size worked to control the peloton during the race. Julian dominated the front keeping everything in control for Ethan. Wehr worked to bring back a breakaway attempt by Ethan's nearest rival in the overall points competition. The fast and competitive race went well for the team. Julian picked up a preme lap for points and Ethan came across the line placing fourth.

The late season battle for conference points in the "B" category is becoming very competitive. After this weekend Ethan is down a handful of points to his nearest competitor. However the whole team is confident and serious about bringing the "B" win for Ethan and the team. Racing continues at Clemson in two weeks where the team will be in better form and ready for battle.

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