Mar 4, 2012


(Riders on the storm)

The Cumberland weekend was a weekend of adventure for the Dalton State Cycling Team. The trip up to Cumberland was interrupted once by reports of a nearby tornado. Arriving later that afternoon at the hotel the team went for an easy ride. The ride soon turned ominous as yet another storm was tracking straight for the team's location. The team arrived back and hotel in time to huddle in the stairwell as the day's second tornado sent wind and hail but thankfully no damage.

Saturday morning began with clear skies and great weather for the Individual Time-Trail. Ethan Zehr and Nolan Wehr participated in the "B" Category TT. Zehr placed 3rd and Wehr placed 2nd. Later in the day the challenging Road Race began. Zehr rode well on a course with undulating terrain and a series of vicious attacks to place in the top ten.

Sunday was more racing with a challenging yet fun crit course. A brisk wind out the north blasted riders on the back stretch. The "B's" raced off the line for 45 minutes. Zehr, again, had another great top-ten finish with 6th place in the sprint.

Later that afternoon, a bonus-round, training crit was offered to all riders. Zehr, on his fourth race of the weekend, played it smart, stayed safe, and again(!) had an excellent top-ten finish in the 1/2/3 race with 8th overall and 2nd in the Cat 3 group. Wehr rode the Cat 4 group and held a solo break-away for multiple laps until the peloton reeled him back in. Wehr finished 7th.

(Warm-up ride with a friendly neighborhood dog)

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