Feb 27, 2012

Georgia Southern Recap

Bike racing can be a hard knock life. The Dalton State Team found this out this past weekend at Georgia Southern. Ethan Williams performed with excellence in the morning Time Trial placing 2nd. It was the next day at the criterium race where Williams was involved in an accident. The accident has put Williams out for racing for the next few races to play it safe. The whole team looks forward to the return of Williams. Ethan Zehr had a challenging weekend as well. Zehr placed well in the TT, with a 2nd place. The road race and criterium were not as favorable. Zehr used the opportunity to recover from minor injury and as training for future races.

Julian Zehr is officially back riding this week! Zehr will take the next few weeks to regain strength and should return with vigor to racing.

Next up is Cumberland!

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